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February 15, 2006


Mr. Tom Maxwell

Scatacook District Chairman

Connecticut Yankee Council

Boy Scouts of America

395 Danbury Rd.

Wilson, CT 06897


Dear Mr. Maxwell,


Thank you for Scatacook District's most recent contribution of $435.00 collect from the Boy Scout Troop's Housatonic Habitat 2 x 4 fundraiser.


Sometimes when we write to say thank you for a contribution, we feel as if we have said this so many times that it begins to sound routine. However, it is so difficult to translate the work in the Greater Danbury Area into the achievement of the dream that everyone should have simple, decent housing in which to live and raise a family. With support of the Scouts, more qualified, hard-working families right here in our own back yard will continue to witness the power of your gracious philanthropy.


So often letters some to us asking what we are doing and how we are using gift's that your Scouts have help raise. In the past ten years, we have built 14 homes in partnership with people of compassion and future homeowners. Currently, we are working with a Youth United home on Golden Hill sponsored in part by the First Church of Round Hill of Greenwich.


We have donated property at Maple and Town Hill Avenues in Danbury and, through the generosity of a visionary philanthropist, have purchased property near the West Side Campus of Western Connecticut State University that ought to render three building lots. We have begun the permitting process for land in Brookfield and currently own a lot in Bethel. Ans always we are looking for new opportunities for land to build more homes for the deserving who are currently inadequately sheltered.


Please continue to share your efforts with Housatonic Habitat for Humanity. We thank the Scouts and their Leaders for their commitment and hope always that they will be blessed for their compassion and concern for those who are less fortunate.



Chris Brown

Christopher L. Brown

Executive Director



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