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Over time, we've collected a great deal of clip art, page dividers and lines, and backgrounds, all suitable for scouting web sites. Follow these links to view the collection. We do not own any of these images. Use them as you deem appropriate, subject to our Disclosures. Please do NOT link to the images on these pages; rather, download them to your own web site (right click on an image to "save as" or download). Since there are a number of images on each page, average page download times are listed, based on a 56 K modem (with an ADSL line or cable, download times should be much less).

Link Time to Download Page at 56K
Clip Art Images 3 Minutes
Clip Art Flags & Eagles 1 Minute
Page Dividers and Lines 40 Seconds
Backgrounds 3 Minutes
Backgrounds Flags & Eagles 20 Seconds
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