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The District History Committee is responsible for preserving the rich history of Scatacook District, through words, pictures, and images. By documenting our origins, we can pass our legacy on to the next generation of Scouts and Scouters. Our history includes units that have grown and prospered, and others that have passed on. Our history includes Cubmasters and Scoutmasters from long ago, as well as Commissioners as well as District Committee members. Our history includes memories of past Klondike Derbies, Camporees, and the like, remembered through patches and photos.

Please contact us if you have a memory that you would like to preserve.


Our Links to History

Who was General Carter, and why is the Hoyt Cabin named after him?

Who was John Sherman Hoyt?

Deed to Hoyt Scout Reservation - 03/1966

Collection of Scouter Newsletters 1968-1984

Even More Scouter Newsletters 1977-1985

(Added November 3, 2007)

And More Scouter Newsletters 1986-1993

(Added July 11, 2008)

Scatacook Recipients of District Award of Merit

Scatacook Recipients of the Silver Beaver

Silver Beaver Award thru History

Scatacook District Units of the Year

News Articles about District Units

Past Scatacook District Leaders

Alfred W. Dater Council, Stamford

Hamilton Orgelman Papers (Danbury Troop 2 & 22) and HERE

History of Scouting in Connecticut

More History of Scouting in Connecticut

History of Camp Pomperaug

History of the Name "Scatacook"

History of the Name "Mauwehu"

More History of the Name "Mauwehu"

Recent History of Owaneco OA Lodge

History of Tankiteke OA Lodge

New  History of Camp Sequassen  New

New  The Story of Chief Sequassen  New

Merger History of OA Lodges

Chi Sigma & Arcoon Lodge History

History of Troop 70, Newtown (975 KB PDF)

US Code Title 36 Chapter 2 - Formation of BSA

What is a Scout

Some Local Scouting History (Stamford Council)

New  More Local Scouting History (Housatonic Council)  New

History of Seton Scout Reservation (Greenwich)

Historic USGS Maps of New England

Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari

Wood Badge - the TRUE History (Beaver Patrol Version)
Inquiry dot Net
World of Scouting Museum
Scout (Internet) Literature Museum 
Scout (Virtual) Museum
Remember Camp When You Were a Scout? (Patches)

History of Scouting

Short Biography of Lord Baden-Powell

Another Short Biography of Lord Baden-Powell

Links Related to Lord Baden-Powell

History of Mafeking

History of Scouting (ScoutBase UK)
Scout History Association
The Fathers of Scouting
Ernest Thompson Seton Institute
Silver Buffalo
Silver Buffalo History of Scouting & Guiding
History of Scouting
History of Scouting
History of Scouting
History of Scouting
History of Fleur-de-lis
History of Fleur-de-lis and Scouting
New  History of Boy Scout Handbook Covers  New
History of the Scout Handbook
History of the Scout Fieldbook
History of the Scoutmaster Handbook
History of the Patrol Leader Handbook
History of Senior Scouting Programs
History of Eagle Scout Requirements
History of Sea Scouting
History of Sea Scouting
History of Venturing
History of Commissioner Service
Scouting Milestones & History
History of Jamborees
History of NESA (National Eagle Scout Association)
Historical Dates in Scouting
History of Cub Scouting
History of Cub Scouting
History of Cub Scouting
New History of Women in Cub Scouting New
History of Order of World Scouts
History of British Boy Scouts
History of the Queen's Scout
New Ralph Reader & the London Gang Show New
New Ralph Reader & the London Gang Show and HERE New
Scouting History Resources
Scouts Canada Historical References
History of the Pinewood Derby
New Origins of Wood Badge New
More Origins of Wood Badge
Origins of the Wood Badge Woggle

Historical Maps Including Today's Hoyt Scout Reservation

Historical Map of Redding (Beer's 1867) [jpg]

Historical Map of Danbury (USGS 1892) [jpg]

Historical Map of Bethel (USGS 1951) [jpg]

Historical Map of Bethel (USGS 1951) [jpg]

Historical Map of Bethel (USGS 1951) [jpg]

Obituaries of Famous Historical Scouters

Lord Baden-Powell James E. West William D. Boyce

Daniel Carter Beard

and Here

Ernest Thompson Seton

and Here

William Hillcourt

(Green Bar Bill)

John Sherman Hoyt Gen. Arthur Carter Alfred W. Dater


Scatacook Virtual Patch Collections

Klondike Derby Patch Collection

District Camporee Patch Collection

Commissioner's Patch Collection

Cub Scout Day Camp Patch Collection

Cub Scout Activities Patch Collection

Friends of Scouting Patch Collection

Ridgefield Camporee Patch Collection


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