BSA Multicultural Resources
Multicultural Markets


This page has info from BSA’s multicultural team, and resources aimed towards urban and rural areas, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic communities, as well as some flyers and brochures in Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian.


Hispanic/Latino Focus 

This page has recruiting materials, training material for cub and boy scout leaders, youth protection materials, youth and adult applications, troop activity ideas and more.


Hispanic Initiatives


This page has the digital copy of several of the Spanish language resources the Hispanic/ Latino Focus page and more like the mini bilingual hand book, bilingual med forms, Spanish youth protection booklet from the front of the book, the soccer and scouting program and much more.


Asian American Focus


This page has recruiting material for Cambodian, Chinese, Hmong, Laotian, and Korean.  As well as recruiting material and training material and meeting plans in Vietnamese.


Rural/ American Indian Focus


This page has recruiting material for rural/ low income areas and for American Indian comunites.  There is also an activity idea guide.


Multicultural Markets Catalogue


This is a downloadable catalog of all the material on the above sites.


Other Resources




Source: Wood Badge Ticket: G. Murphy, Wood Badge Course NE-II-188, Antelope

Updated 10/26/2010