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Area scouts compete in annual event
By: Scott Benjamin 01/30/2004
"They had a blast," said Thomas Tyrell, the leader for Troop 5, which mostly includes 11 to 13 year olds.
The troop's Midnight Soldiers patrol captured the first-place ribbons in a competitive finish with 127 points during the all-day event, which was held Saturday at the Hoyt Scout Park in West Redding. The Weasels, also of Troop 5, placed second with 125 points.
"It was a great day for it, and I think they learned a lot," Mr. Tyrell said, even though temperatures hovered well below the freezing mark.
Joey's Patrol of Troop 33 in Danbury and the White Moose of Troop 270 in Newtown tied for third place, with 124 points each.
The 370 Scouts, who came from troops in eight municipalities in the metro Danbury area, were timed and judged at a variety of stations. About 250 of them camped out at the park the previous night.
Mr. Tyrell said Troop 5 and troops 135 and 8, also from Brookfield, organized this year's event. He said the derby also has been held in recent years at Tarrywile Park in Danbury and at the Governor's Horse Guard area in Newtown.
"It's been going forever," he said, noting that he participated in the derby while he was a Scout in Westchester County, N.Y., in the late 1960s.
The Scouts had been preparing for the event for months.
"We had to cut down wood and build it," Scout Michael Chengeri, 13, of the Weasels said regarding the construction of his team's sled.
He said the most enjoyable part of the weekend was "shoving people into the snow."
"It's about teamwork and leadership," Ray Pflomm, the leader of Troop 135, said regarding the derby. "The natural leader usually rises to the top."
He said that young people who participate in the Scouts acquire valuable skills.
"I don't think the community knows enough about what we give back to the community," Mr. Pflomm said. "When they're done with college, through Scouting they will know how to relate to the real world."
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