History of the Name



Scatacook District is proud to be named after

the Scatacook Indian Tribe.


The name "Scatacook" derives from the Scatacook Indians, a small tribe originating in southwestern Connecticut, and located between the Connecticut and Housatonic River valleys.  The focal point for this tribe appears to have been in southern Kent, Connecticut, near Bulls Bridge. Scatacook means "fork in the river", and likely refers to the confluence of rivers at Bulls Bridge. Many of the towns and areas of northern Fairfield County and Litchfield County were originally purchased from the Scatacook Indians.

There was also a Schaghticoke Indian Tribe near Albany, New York that appears to be the origins of the Scatacook Tribe in Connecticut, although the reverse may be true...

There are various spellings for Scatacook, including:



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