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Ten More Miles


Copyright 2003, Michael Carpenter

Scoutmaster Troop 76, Ridgefield, CT

Presented June 10, 2003


My tale begins in the month of May,

In nineteen ninety-two.

A sunny day at Mountain Lakes,

That should have been a clue!


Twenty boys with knives and rope,

And boxes full of matches?

Run around, play and hope

“That for this they’ll give us patches!”


From here to camp at old Yawgoog,

A great place to start the summer!

Homework, chores, and mess hall food!

Mr. Carpenter: “I really miss my Mother”.


“I’ll never make a week”, they say,

Confiding in each other.

Swimming, sailing, and crafts all day!

“Let’s stay ‘till the end of summer!


This is Scouting at its best,

Our boys asleep in tents.

Soon its time for a morning blast

Of “Good Morning Gents!”


I implored our mighty Scouts,

What Big Trip shall we plan?

The following is the one account,

That I thought was most grand!


“High adventure trips are okay with me,

But shopping is the best.

Why hike among the birds and bees,

When I can sit and rest?”


Well, I’d had just about enough,

I had to be Scoutmaster.

This is what our Scouts call tough?

We’ve got to move much faster!


Follow me, this is the way!

With snow up to my thighs.

Let’s not waste another day.

It’s only ten more miles!


Once again our sleds are ready,

For a Klondike in the snow.

A challenge when the winds are steady,

And it’s nearly four below!


Philmont Scout Ranch called to us,

Its high peaks in all their glory.

The Tooth of Time awaits our bus,

The start of a great Scouting story.


For the high peaks we did yearn,

I’m glad that we weren't biking.

For if we were I could not have learned,

Brandon’s turbo-hiking!


Content to know my freeze dried food,

In a bear bag on a cable,

Will make me less likely to,

Be on a black bears dinner table.


I must stop here and thank the Scouts,

That have shared these years with me.

Laughter, frowns, smiles, pouts,

I’ve seen them all on thee.


Our younger Scouts, of you I’m proud,

Let’s have some fun and name them now:


Andrew, Cam, Jake, Perry,

Alex, Jimmy, Curran, Jeffrey,

David, Kevin, Will times two,

Stephen, Logan, and Austin too.

Dillon, Alex, Peter, James,

Are some of Scouting’s finest names.


Next in line among the ranks,

Are these Scouts I’d like to thank:


Brendan, Guy, Saagar, Kevin,

Johnny, Chris, Geoff, and Evan.

Eric, Neil, and Andrew V,

Jimmy, Will, and Brandon. . .V!

Michael, Scott, Adam, Matthew,

Stephen, Ray, Chris, and Andrew

Matthew, Michael, Ryan, Cameron

You’re the Scouts that I’ve relied on.


Eight fine Scouts, once at my side, 

Great leaders for whom I have great pride.

In their own way have helped me out.

There names right now I’d like to shout:

Craig, Chris, Brandon, Pat

Matthew, Garrett, Nick and Zach.


A final group from days gone by,

Eagles that have learned to fly.

From them I learned that Scouting can,

Make a boy a better man.


Bob, Adam, Tim, Chris, Chris, Raf, Stephen,

Matthew, Mark, John, Greg, Saleel, Miles,

Brett and Scott.


There’s one more Scout,

One I’ve not mentioned.

Week in, week out,

He avoids attention.

The last one there,

When the work is done.

Many years we shared,

That Scout’s my son.


Thank you Tom.


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