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What Does This Mean to Leaders?


Now that the Council has adopted a Program of Required Training, what does it mean to me and other Adult Leaders in my Unit?


First, this is an excellent opportunity to make certain that your official training record is up to date. The Unit Leader or Committee Chair should contact the District Training Chair or District Executive to obtain a record of each Leaders training record. In fact, a copy of each Leaderís training record was distributed at District Roundtables during the past few months. After examining his or her record, if the Leader believes that training courses are not reflected on their record, annotate the record with the title and approximate date the course was completed and send it to the Council Registrar (Kathy Znosko), who will update that Leaderís record. Proof of completed training is helpful but not required.


If a Leader needs to complete Fast Start or Youth Protection Training (YPT), the best way of taking this training is by computer, through the BSA Online Learning Center. When initially logging into the BSA on-line system, you will be prompted for basic identifying information. It would be helpful if you had your BSA identification number, from your registration card. (Your BSA ID number is also listed on your Unit charter). Even without your ID number, you can still take on-line training.


YPT for Venturing is available through the BSA Online Learning Center,


Once you have completed each course, your official record at the Council should be automatically updated. Check with the Registrar two or three days later to confirm that your records have been updated.


If you donít have access to a computer terminal at home or through your public library, contact your Unit Leader or Committee Chair to schedule a training session. You could also check with your District Training Chair to see when District-wide programs are being offered.


For Leaders needing to complete New Leader Essential Training (which usually includes YPT), as well as Leader Specific Training and Introduction to Outdoor Skills, please look on the Council Training Web Site for current course listings and schedules. The Course is also available on-line at the Council Web Site. Contact your District Training Chair for more information. The Council Training Committee is planning to offer Leader Specific Training for Scoutmasters and ASMs during summer camp sessions at Camp Sequassen.



"Öevery youth deserves a Trained LeaderÖ"




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On-Line Training Programs from BSA

BSA On-Line Learning Center

Training Continuum - Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader

(New 03/15/2009  This Is Scouting (New 03/15/2009

(Replaces New Leader Essentials)

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training   &    Viewer's Guide

Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training

Venturing Leader Fast Start Training

 Commissioner Fast Start Training

              Commissioner Basic Training (1.7 MB PPT)

              Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Training (400 KB PDF)

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Fast Start

              Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Training (400 KB PDF)

              Troop Committee Challenge (5 MB PPT)

               Troop Committee Challenge (On Line)

Pack Committee Fast Start Training

Chartered Organization Representative (COR)Training and HERE 

Hazardous Weather

Orientation for New Boy Scout Parents

The Youth Leadership Training Continuum: A Guide for Scout Leaders and Parents

Merit Badge Counselor Training & Here

Selecting Quality Leaders

Board of Review Training

Planning and Conducting a Safe Scout Outing

Scoutmaster Conference Training

The Order of the Arrow and Your Troop

Geocaching to Promote Scouting

Supporting Scouts With ADHD

Bullying: Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders and Parents

Sea Scout Leaders Specialized Training and Here

Sea Scout Training

 Sea Scout Basic



Venturing Leader Specific Training

Venturing Commissioner Training

Youth Protection Training - Cub Scouts    &     Meeting Guide

Youth Protection Training - Boy Scouts     &     Meeting Guide

Youth Protection Training - Venturing

Official Connecticut Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Roundtable Handout - Connecticut Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Guide to Safe Scouting

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat Training

Leave No Trace Training

Order of the Arrow Training Resources

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