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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Question: Who's idea was this?


Answer:  The idea for this program originated within the volunteers of Connecticut Yankee Council. This program is not a mandate from the National Council, nor did our professional staff establish this program. An extensive review sponsored by the District Chairs of the six Districts as well as the Council Training Committee was conducted over a two-year period. Ultimately, the Program was adopted by the Council Executive Board in September 2006.


The District Chairs examined reasons why Units and Unit Leaders succeeded, as well as why Units and Leaders failed. Overwhelmingly, the common factor in success was TRAINING: trained leaders had a superior success rate over untrained leaders. Experience has shown that participation in training programs permits Adult Leaders to be better at what they do, in forming and managing our Scout Units, recruiting new Youth and Adult members, leading Scouts, and running effective Advancement and Outdoor Programs. Training gives Adults Leaders a broader perspective, identifies other training and leadership opportunities, and helps impress the importance of training onto our Scouts. Training also helps ensure the health and safety of the Youth and Adults in the Scouting program. Parents expect that their children will be safe when participating in a Boy Scout program. Adult Leaders expect the same thing as it applies to their participation.


We know that training is more than simple skills - it's teaching leaders to grow leaders.


2. Question: What happens if I'm unable to schedule the required training courses?


Answer:  Both Youth Protection Training and Fast Start Training are available on-line. If you do not have access to a computer and are unable to use a computer at your public library, please contact your District Executive to schedule time to use a computer terminal in the Scout Office in Milford. Additionally, Youth Protection Training and Fast Start Training may be offered at your District Roundtable; contact your District Commissioner for more information. For Basic Leader Training courses, contact your District Training Chair for information on course schedules.


Registered Leaders who fail to complete both Fast Start Training and YPT by December 31, 2007 will not be permitted to reregister for 2008. “Direct Contact” Leaders who fail to complete Basic Leader Training by December 31, 2008 will not be permitted to reregister for 2009.


3. Question: I've been a Scoutmaster for 10 years, and really know everything. Can't I get a waiver of the required training?


Answer:  No. "Grandfathering" of existing leaders was discussed extensively while this program was being developed. The overwhelming judgment of ALL of the volunteers involved in designing the Required Training Program was that existing leaders, no matter how experienced, should be subject to the same training requirements as new leaders. The Council Executive Board concurred in this finding.


If you really do "know everything", please join the staff of an upcoming Basic Leader Training Course. Serving as a full-time staff member will deem a Leader as having met all training requirements of this program.


4. Question: Does an 18 year old adult leader need to be trained?


Answer:  An 18 year old adult leader must complete Fast Start Training and Youth Protection Training. Basic Leader Training (New Leader Essential Training plus Leader Specific Training) need not be completed until the individual's 21st birthday. Additionally, completion of the Basic Leader Training requirement is waived while an individual is enrolled as a full-time student in college, or while an individual is serving in the military on active duty (including a Reserve component or National Guard component).


5. Question: What if I've been to training and the Council has no record of it?


Answer:  Each Leader’s official Training Record, maintained by the Council, will document all Training completed by the Leader. Leaders should contact the Council Registrar (Kathy Znosko), for any questions regarding Training Records. After examining his or her record, if the Leader believes that training courses are not reflected on their record, annotate the record with the title and approximate date the course was completed and send it to the Registrar who will update that Leader’s record. Proof of completed training is helpful but not required.


6. Question: When does a new leader need to complete his/her training?


Answer:  Every Registered Leader must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) by December 31, 2007.  Additionally, every Registered Leader must complete Fast Start Training (program specific) by December 31, 2007. Merit Badge Counselors must complete Youth Protection Training by December 31, 2007.


In addition, every Direct Contact Leader must complete Basic Leader Training December 31, 2008. Commissioners must complete Commissioner Basic Training by December 31, 2008.


New Leaders who join Scouting after November 15, 2007 must complete YPT and Fast Start Training within 45 days of their initial registration. New Leaders who join Scouting after June 30, 2008 must complete Basic Leader Training within 180 days of their initial registration.


7. Question: What if a leader refuses training?


Answer:  Registered Leaders who fail to complete both Fast Start Training and YPT by December 31, 2007 will not be permitted to reregister for 2008. “Direct Contact” Leaders who fail to complete Basic Leader Training by December 31, 2008 will not be permitted to reregister for 2009.


8. Question: If a leader does not complete required training by the deadlines, does that mean the Unit cannot recharter?


Answer:  Maybe. A Unit must have at least five adults in order to recharter (Committee Chair, Unit Leader, plus a minimum of three Committee Members; one of these five individuals can also serve as the Chartered Organization Representative). If, for example, the Unit Leader does not complete required training by the deadlines, the Unit must find a new Leader who is trained in order to recharter.


A Unit that is unable to find five leaders who have completed required training would not be able to recharter.


9. Question: If a Unit does not recharter, doesn't that mean we're penalizing the Scouts?


Answer:  If a Unit does not recharter, every effort will be made to place the Scouts with another Unit in the immediate area. We clearly want our Scouts to continue in the program. However, we have made a conscious decision that we would rather allow a Unit to disband than maintain the Unit with untrained leaders.


10. Question: If I've completed New Leader Essentials as a Cub Leader, do I need to take it again as a Boy Scout Leader?


Answer:  No. The New Leader Essentials Training course is common to all Scouting programs and consequently has to be completed only once, no matter how many times you change Scouting positions. However, Leader Specific Training is just that: specific to your position. So, if you completed Leader Specific Training for Cubmaster, once you register as an Assistant Scoutmaster, you'll need to complete Leader Specific Training for Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster. Additionally, Boy Scout Leaders will need to complete Introduction to Outdoor Skills.


To recap, the first course in Basic Training is New Leader Essentials, and is common to all Scouting Programs. The next course in Basic Training is Leader Specific Training. For ASMs and SMs, Leader Specific Training also includes Introduction to Outdoor Skills.


11. Question: Do I have to go to training courses offered in my District?


Answer:  No. You can complete any course that is available in any District, or is available on line.


12. Question: Is Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) training required?


Answer:  BALOO training is not considered a required course for chartering purposes. However, to take a Cub Pack on an overnighter, someone from the Pack must have completed BALOO (and accompany the Pack on the trip, obviously).


13. Question: Where does Youth Protection Training (YPT) fit in?


Answer:  All Registered Leaders must complete YPT at least once every three years. This requirement existed before this newly introduced Required Training Program.


14. Question: Do Merit Badge Counselors need to be trained?


Answer:  All Merit Badge Counselors must complete Youth Protection Training. Other training, such as Fast Start, is not required (but it's always a good idea).


15. Question:  There are some requirements for Registered Leaders and other requirement for "Direct Contact" Leaders. What are the differences?


Answer:  Registered Leaders encompass all adults who are registered in Scouting. That includes uniformed leaders, Unit Committee members, merit badge counselors. In other words, any adult who is listed on a Unit (or District) charter, and who would receive a membership card, is a Registered Leader.


"Direct Contact" Leaders are generally leaders who wear a uniform, and are directly involved with the youth in our program on a routine basis. “Direct Contact” Leaders include Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Venture Crew Advisors and Venture Crew Assistant Advisors. For purposes of this program, Merit Badge Counselors are not considered “Direct Contact” leaders.


In general, individuals whose sole job is Unit Committee Member (including Chartered Organization Representatives) are Registered Leaders; they are not considered "Direct Contact" Leaders.


This distinction is important. All Registered Leaders must complete Youth Protection Training and Fast Start Training by December 31, 2007, but only Direct Contact Leaders need complete Basic Leader Training by December 31, 2008.


All "Direct Contact" Leaders are Registered Leaders, but all Registered Leaders may or may not be a "Direct Contact" Leader.


16. Question:  To avoid meeting the training requirements, can't I simply resign from my official position in the Unit, and work in the background along with other parents?


Answer:  Yes. However, the goal of this program is not " make everyone take training...". Rather, the goal of the program is to help Units and Unit Leaders succeed, to help Leaders run successful Scouting programs, and to keep our Scouts (and Adult Scouters) safe and healthy. If your goal is to "avoid training", then perhaps being a volunteer in Scouting is not for you, and resigning is the best course of action. On the other hand, if your objective is to work in the background, and allow other, trained, adults work with our Scouts, then your help is appreciated and thank you for serving.


17. Question: If I'm a "Direct Contact" Venture Leader, do I need to complete Powder Horn?


Answer: No. While Powder Horn is often considered part of the Basic Training course for Venture Leaders, completion of the course is not a part of the Council Required Training Program. However, Powder Horn is an exceptional course (and lots of fun) and every Venture Leader is encouraged to complete it. The next Powder Horn course is being offered in 2008. Click here for more information.


18. Question: Why are Wood Badge (and Sea Badge) participants exempt from the Council Required Training Program?


Answer: In order to sign up for Wood Badge or Sea Badge, a participant must have completed the Basic Training requirements for their Scouting position, which includes Fast Start and YPT. Consequently, Wood Badge and Sea Badge participants will have already completed the Training requirements before taking either course.



For nearly 100 years, Scouting has been an integral part of our communities, making a positive impact on countless young lives. This innovative program of Required Training will help the Adult Leaders of Connecticut Yankee Council continue to offer high quality programs to our Youth members and "Deliver the Promise."



"…every youth deserves a Trained Leader…"




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