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Overview of the Program

The transition from Webelos Scout to Boy Scout presents an opportunity for a Troop to market itself to the Webelos Scouts and their Parents. Gone are the days when Webelos Scouts automatically crossed over to a Troop. Today, too many activities compete for the time of our children. For a Webelos Scout, Boy Scouts is just one of a number of activities that he can join. It is increasingly important for the Troop to make a real effort to CONVINCE the Webelos Scouts and CONVINCE the Parents of the Webelos Scouts that Boy Scouts is the premier youth program in the United States, and the Webelos Scouts should "try the Boy Scout program on for size". The Troops must MARKET their program to the Webelos Scouts and must SELL them on joining Boy Scouts

The materials included on this page below have been developed by Scatacook volunteers in the Winter of 2003-2004, and tested in our communities. The materials consist of planning and presentation materials for a meeting hosted by Troop(s) Leaders for Webelos Parents. The original program was structured as a town-wide meeting, with all Troops making a presentation to Parents from all Dens/Packs in the town. This meeting was not intended to replace the traditional Den visit to Troop meeting. Rather, this meeting would take place well in advance of these Den visits, to help lay the groundwork for the Den visit, and help identify for Parents the reasons why their sons should consider joining Boy Scouts.

The materials may be adapted, changed, modified for use by Packs and Troops, as appropriate. We would hope that BOTH Packs AND Troops will take advantage of these materials.

Special thanks to the Ridgefield Troops for developing (and testing) these materials, including Scoutmasters Paul Payne, Neil Doran, Gordie Knapp, and Steve Furman, and ASMs Rob Messinger and Ed Powers. Materials adapted from an earlier program by Scoutmaster Michael Carpenter. Thank you Michael.

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Webelos in Transition PowerPoint Presentation (2.5 MB ppt)
Invitation Letter Sample Letter to Parents (27 KB doc)
Planning Timeline Help to Plan the Event (17 KB xls)
Detailed Agenda Who Presents what (40 KB doc)
Overview Agenda Handout for Parents (40 KB doc)
Troop Selection Checklist Help Decide Which Troop to Join (44 KB doc)
List of Handouts For Night of the Meeting (45 KB doc)
List of Troops in Ridgefield Example Handout (41 KB doc)
Troop Survey Form - T 49 Example Handout (40 KB doc)
Troop Survey Form - T 76 Example Handout (40 KB doc)
Troop Survey Form - T 116 Example Handout (40 KB doc)
Troop Survey Form - T 431 Example Handout (40 KB doc)
Webelos Transition Report Commissioners Pack/Den Tracking Report (67 KB pdf)
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Program "loaned" to Highland Rim District, Middle Tennessee Council - 05/19/2008

Program "loaned" to Taughannock District, Baden Powell Council - 01/30/2008

Program "loaned" to Otetiana Council - 04/10/2004

Program "loaned" to Chartiers District, Greater Pittsburgh Council - 09/26/2004

Program "loaned" to Miami County District, Miami Valley Council, Ohio - 11/03/2004

Program "loaned" to Monmouth Council, Morganville, NJ - 02/05/2006


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